Neck Wallet Passport Holder - Grey



Grey Neck Wallet  Passport Holder – with RFID Blocking Materials– Easy to Conceal Travel Pouch

Firstly, our Grey Neck Wallet Passport Holder is tested in the USA for quality assurance. With each purchase, you receive a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Additionally, our travel pouch offers hands-free convenience. It securely holds passports, IDs, and more, keeping essentials discreetly hidden.

Furthermore, it boasts a protective RFID lining. This feature safeguards your personal information against electronic theft.

Moreover, designed for rugged use, we craft our wallets from premium ripstop nylon and use YKK zippers for durability.

Lastly, it provides streamlined accessibility. The wallet’s design ensures ease of use, allowing quick access to your travel necessities.

Brand: Hero Travel Supply

Color: Army Grey

Material: Nylon

Style: RFID Wallet

Product Detail: