Headache Relief Caps



Headache Relief Caps, Soothing Migraine Ice Pack Mask Products, Cooling Gel Hat, Face Cold Compress Head Wrap for Tension, Stress & Hangover (2 units)

These Headache Relief Caps will help you experience unmatched comfort and support with our TheraICE headache relief cap, fitting all face shapes, head sizes, and eye contours for a soothing experience. It offers ultimate relief from all types of headaches.

Next, enjoy comprehensive 360° cooling and relief. The TheraICE cap delivers efficient, all-around therapeutic relief, targeting areas quickly without the mess of wraps or discomfort of traditional ice packs.

For easy use, freeze the cap in the included bag for 2 hours. Its soft gel design is comfortable, perfect for various headaches and soothing puffy eyes. This reusable wrap combines hot and cold therapy in one product.

Crafted from advanced materials, our TheraICE cap provides safe, effective compression for daily use. It supports your face, eye, and head, adapting to your shape for stress and tension relief.

Lastly, our versatile headache relief hat is perfect for anyone. It molds to your head for targeted cold compression, offering a perfect fit and adaptable migraine relief.

Brand: TheraICE Rx

Age Range: Adult

Color: Black

Quantity: 2 units