Airplane Foot Hammocks



Airplane Foot Hammocks (Memory Foam), the Perfect Airplane Footrest to Relax Your Feet, or under your Desk, (pack of 2)

Our Airplane Foot Hammocks help you ease into comfort, designed to transform challenging long flights into a more pleasant experience. Give your feet the rest they deserve and enhance your travel experience.

Moreover, find relaxation in any seat with our travel footrests. Beyond the confines of 1st Class, our foot hammock ensures comfort wherever you find yourself seated.

Additionally, employing the foot hammock is effortlessly simple across three positions. An extra-long strap, adaptable to any height, easily secures the seat tray, allowing you to kick back and relax.

Furthermore, our foot hammock is universally accommodating, welcoming travelers of all ages, including children. Whether you’re on planes, trains, or automobiles, it delivers unmatched comfort for people of all sizes.

Also, consider this foot hammock an essential travel accessory. Packaged in a convenient travel bag and designed with padding for added comfort, it extends up to 34 inches for discreet use on any journey.

Brand: Basic Concepts

Material: Memory Foam

Color: Black

Dimensions: 18″L x 9″W x 3″H

Quantity: Pack of 2